Weekly Newsletter


Do not pack for your child, because they do not know what they have! Use this checklist to be sure that they are well prepared for this trip. If you need help locating items on this list, please call us. It is important for kids to have all items and we may be able to lend something to you. PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING!!!!

Everything on this list is REQUIRED gear for this trip

  • BIG lunch for the first day (with name on it in daypack)
  • Soft pack or duffel for clothing and gear
  • Daypack (backpack) for hikes and activities
  • WARM sleeping bag (not the cute cartoon type)
  • Layers of clothing for warm to cold weather
    • 2 pair long pants, 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 pair shorts, 4 t-shirts
    • Fleece jacket (sweatshirt or wool sweater)
    • Long underwear (some pajamas can serve as long underwear)
    • Something warm and comfy to sleep in (sweats are great)
  • 4-5 pairs of socks – at least one pair that is warm (not cotton), underwear
  • Two pairs of sturdy shoes (sneakers and/or boots). Please do not bring flip flops.
  • Winter coat, hat, and gloves
  • Sun hat/cap/visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • FLASHLIGHT with extra batteries
  • MESS KIT (unbreakable bowl, plate, spoon, fork, cup in a bag of some sort – nothing fancy!!)
  • Personal items: Hairbrush, toothbrush, hand towel, small pack of tissues, soap & DEODORANT. Please do not bring body spray or other fragrances.
  • TWO LARGE WATER BOTTLES: It helps tremendously if they are labeled
  • RAIN GEAR – poncho or raincoat
  • Plastic bag for wet or dirty clothes
  • Swimsuit & Towel

Optional: sleeping pad (inexpensive high density foam pads are fine), camera, binoculars, writing/reading materials, one small comfort item (stuffed animal), pillow, water shoes, and goggles.

DO NOT BRING: Cell phones, mp3 players, handheld game devices, tablets, candy, snacks, matches, knives, or bad attitudes!


  • We could encounter all types of weather.
  • Even if it is warm during the day, it is COLD at night and early morning.
  • The best way to have fun is to stay WARM, DRY, & SAFE!